Olympic Peninsula Lacrosse (O.P. LAX) was established by current and former high school and college coaches that wanted a more competitive route to play lacrosse at the college level. In 2018, we stuck our collective heads together and made it happen.​ O.P. LAX founder Jacob Hluboky is a current high school lacrosse coach, previous college coach, and current lacrosse player.


We are a competitive select lacrosse travel team that serves the entire Olympic Peninsula and surrounding area. Through our program, we aim to assist in the lacrosse player's development to ensure their success at the next level.

Enroll with us today! At O.P. Lax, we have the most experienced coaching staff on the Peninsula.

In addition, all of our coaches are certified through U.S. Lacrosse and are approved with thorough background checks. We do require that all players be U.S. Lacrosse members. This must be completed prior to your child taking the field.


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Our Coaching Staff:



Co-founder of University High School Lacrosse 2008-2011.


  • Played at Herkimer College 2012-2014

  • Assistant coach at Center Valley High School 2015

  • South Kitsap Boys Lacrosse Assistant Coach 2016-2017

  • Assistant coach at WSU 2017

  • South Kitsap Girls Lacrosse Head Coach 2018-2019

  • Humboldt State University Mens Head Coach 2019-Present



  • WA All State Midfielder 1995

  • UW Lacrosse Club Midfielder 1997-1999

  • North Kitsap Lacrosse Head Coach 2009-2012

  • South Kitsap Head Coach 2013-2017

  • North Kitsap Coach 2019





Started the WSU Lacrosse team in 2007

  • All conference for WSU in 2008-2009

  • WSU Head Coach from 2011-2013

  • Maniax Elite Coach in 2016-2019

  • League Officiating Assigner 2018-2019

  • South Kitsap Girls Assistant Coach 2019

  • South Kitsap Girls Head Coach 2020



Why us?

At Olympic Peninsula Lacrosse, we believe that our vast experience in coaching lacrosse will help players succeed at the next level. By providing in-depth teaching of every aspect of the game of lacrosse and creating a competitive atmosphere, we are equipping our players to continue to grow on and off the field.



In our last tournament of the year, OP LAX won the tournament championship for the High School B Bracket


Join our competitive lacrosse program today!

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